Life Coaching to Change Your Life

Hold on tight to your dream … When you see the shadows falling … When you hear that cold wind calling … Hold on tight to your dream.

These lyrics from the hit by E.L.O. (the Electric Light Orchestra) aptly summarize a basic – winning – strategy of life coaching. If you desire to experience happiness in your life – if you want to feel truly ALIVE each and every day – Life-Coaching can help you create your own personal, unique life map. A life map is a set of directions for how to reach a specific destination in your life.

The easiest way to create your life map is to seek the guidance of a Life Coach. The Life Coach helps you to set up specific steps to change and will support you in undertaking those steps.

Specifically, your Life Coach can help you get your quest underway by:

Step #1. Identifying your dream – i.e., that about which you are passionate. Your passion – your heart’s desire – is what Joseph Campbell referred to as the concept “follow your bliss”
Step #2. Setting up objectives toward creating your dream;
Step #3. Prioritizing these objectives;
Step #4. Getting started on what you selected as Priority #1.

In addition, your Life Coach will diligently guide you through the “shadows falling” and the “cold wind calling” – those tough times when you can be tempted to back away from your goals. It is specifically at these challenging times that it is MOST important to continue to persevere.

I encourage you to use the assistance of your Life Coach to repeat these steps over and over to attain your dream – to live your life passionately. You – as each of us – have been given this present moment in time. Using it to its fullness honors the depth of the gift … and serves to enhance your personal sphere in powerful ways.

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