Hypnosis Recordings

Hypnosis is a state of mind.  In this state, your consciousness is altered from your normal, waking state.  When hypnotized, you are physically relaxed, with your mind alert and aware.  In this mental state, you experience heightened suggestibility.  Hypnosis provides a simple way to connect with -- and affect -- your subconscious mind, the deep part of your mind.  You decide the outcome (goal) that you want in your life – and select that Hypnosis Recording.  While you listen to the recording, your subconscious mind creates what you are thinking and the suggestions that comprise the hypnotic experience.

These hypnotic recordings are especially designed to facilitate your transition into the hypnotic state -- allowing it to be easy and effortless.  Dr. Shiple has recorded these hypnosis inductions; so, you get the added benefit of the soothing effects of her voice.

The hypnosis recordings include a relaxation procedure – All you do is listen, while allowing your imagination, at Dr. Shiple direction, to guide your body to relax.  Each complete Hypnosis Program includes: (a) the full hypnosis induction; PLUS (b) a detailed, full-size workbook to guide your progress, step-by-step, in the topic-area of your choice.