Software Programs

These programs are included to add interactive elements to some common mental-health tasks -- one helps you record your Daily Nutrition intake, the other provides you with a space to record your daily "To Do"s and keep track of your progress.  Two of the offerings are based on Microsoft Excel.  To use them you have to have the PC or Mac version of Excel loaded on your computer.  These include:

  • Nutrition Workbook
  • Task Manager Workbook

If you have Microsoft Excel on your computer, just click on the respective link and the Program will open in Excel. If you get any error messages in opening or saving the program, these can be ignored -- the software still works properly and saves your information.

Productivity Boosters:

This software provides you with several written resources to help you Boost Your Productivity.  This software was created as an excutable .jar file.  Just double-click to open in your PC-environment.  If you have a Mac and use Mac OS X, you should be able to run this application from your Terminal application. 

Weight Loss for Self-Improvement:

This software presents you with 30 Powerful Tips for Weight Loss.  This software uses an .exe application file, plus a .gix information file, both of which are contained in your link.  Just unzip them to the same folder; then, click on the application file to open.  It operates in the PC-environment only.  I created this software and have put nothing harmful in it; so, if you computer is suspicious, it is OK to open.