Once you have decided that life coaching would benefit you, it is time to research a coach. You are looking for a “fit” a connection between you and the Life Coach whom you select.
If you know someone who is seeing, or has seen, a Life Coach and was pleased with the results and the assistance provided, you can ask him/her for a referral. If this is not available to you — or if it is not a direction you wish to pursue — other avenues exist.

1. In the Yellow Pages (physical phone book or online), find the heading that addresses the type of treatment you desire e.g., “stress management” to learn to coping skills to deal with stress; “hypnotherapy” to change destructive habits; “pain management” for handling pain-complex distress.

2. Look at the credentials of the Life Coach
    •    Where did s/he receive her/his schooling?
    •    What degree(s) has s/he earned?
    •    In what organizations does s/he hold membership?
    •    What certifications and/or licenses does s/he hold?
    •    How many years has s/he been in practice?

If necessary, call to get this information.
3. Consider random factors, variable among different coaches; e.g., location, convenience of appointments scheduling, cost.
4.  Taking into account #1 through #3 (above), make a list of 3-5 possible treatment professionals.
5. Talk with each Life Coach on your list. Ask about his/her treatment style. For example, does he/she mostly listen while you talk? Does he/she offer practical suggestions for change? Is homework given?

Now, for THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of your selection process, consider the following:
a. How do these responses match what you think would work best for you?
b. Pay attention to your intuition while talking with the Life Coach
    •    How does this Life Coach sound and feel to you?
    •    Do you sense that s/he would understand you and your circumstances?
    •    Do you sense that s/he would be able to help you?
    •    Do you feel that you would listen to and follow the guidance s/he gives?

Listen to your “gut feeling” and make an appointment with the Life Coach whom you feel most strongly could assist you.

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