There is an exciting, new way to look at your senior years! At the core of this outlook is the concept of you continuing to lead a meaningful life. For many years, I’ve had people come to me wanting to know their life’s purpose. These people were seeking to understand why they were alive. They desired to better comprehend the meaning of their lives — why they were here, how they could leave the world a better place, etc.

Each of these folks were in their 60’s. To a person, they expressed that they were looking at the waning years of their lives. Each was concerned about having his/her life matter, to have it mean something.

In the past, the idea was common that one’s senior years — those years after one left behind their first professional career — was a time of “retirement”. The concept — and this word — often was synonymous with “marking time”.  Frequently, the “retirement” concept was based on the premise that one’s life was over, that productive activity was a thing of the past.
A year ago, I was talking with some friends. We were enjoying a glass of wine and discussing time. We were all in our late 50s and early 60s.  We were comparing experiences about age and how we felt — we agreed that we did not feel old.

We were all very active, physically and mentally. We compared our experience of being 59 and 60 with that experienced by our grandparents. We noted a shared fact: For each of us, our grandparents had seemed to us to act old at 60, both in action and in thought.
We speculated that, perhaps, now was a new time — a time in which we had been raised with different opportunities. We pondered the fact that one of these opportunities was to live longer. We extended this into an agreed-upon fact: We also had the opportunity to live longer, better!

We determined that “better” for us meant more active, more creative, more involved: In sum, more alive! We agreed that we did not have to stop living the life we chose — with quality and meaning — until it was our time to make the transition called death.

Such a conversation among friends can be used as a jumping off point.  It can easily serve as the foundation of a new view of senior years that is FILLED with meaning and purpose and quality and personal satisfaction. This view allows for active living of quality life for an additional 30 years past the traditional time of ending one’s first career. In essence, thirty YEARS provides ample time for a second time-of-satisfaction, a second life-direction!

It is just such life-direction that Retirement Coaching is designed to create.
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