5 Steps to Abundance

Abundance … does it seem like it’s far, far away? Have you become panicked at all of the Gloom and Doom on the news wires lately? Do you want to keep your attitude positive … and yet find yourself slipping into negative thinking? … and not know how to extricate yourself?

What can you do …

… to focus your life in directions that serve you?

… to surround yourself with confidence and a sense of safety?

… to move your own experience to one of kindness and manifestation?

You can start NOW and take control of your own experience! You can stop listening to predictions of perdition and begin to create your own prosperity. And you can do so Right Now!

You already have the mechanism for doing this. It rests in the capability and creative power of your subconscious mind. The power of the subconscious mind creates what you are thinking. This is called “self-fulfilling prophecy”. Every moment of every day, your subconscious mind creates according to the thoughts you hold in mind.

If you believe that everything is doomed, it is. Not because — objectively — it has to be … but, once you’ve verbalized to yourself with intention, “Everything is doomed”, it has to be because you believe it so! AND you get to be right .. every time! That is the nature of your subconscious-mind creation.

Conversely, if you believe that there is abundance in the Universe … and if you believe that you share in this abundance, you do. Not because it has to be … but it has to be because you believe it so! AND you get to be right … every time! That IS the nature of our subconscious-mind creation.

Here’s what to do … Follow these 5 Steps to Abundance:

STEP #1: Experiment over and over with your thoughts.

STEP #2: Challenge your subconscious mind to create the MOST positive ideas you can imagine!

STEP #3: Let your imagination run wild!

STEP #4: Put those ideas into thought and command your subconscious mind to bring them into your life … starting this very minute!

STEP #5: Keep watch — notice the bounty that comes your way!

I invite you to use these steps over and over to create prosperity and abundance in your life.

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