6 Goals for Weight Loss Success

Is weight loss important to you? If so, now is a GREAT time to get started! If you have desire to lose weight, doing so now is a natural step to take!

But let’s say that you have tried before with this goal and either not succeeded, or succeeded beautifully, but then gained weight back again. For many with weight-loss goals, it has seemed to be a venture of frustration and disappointment. Has this been your experience?

If so, it is time for a new outlook — a new approach. Here are 6 practical, effective steps for weight loss success:

1 – Be Positive:
Pay attention to your thoughts. Notice the types of messages that you are giving to yourself about you being a success — both as a person and in regard to weight loss. Notice specifically if you are being negative about this: Think — self-fulfilling prophecy. Respond to any negativity by re-wording the thought into a positive, success-generating affirmation: “I am a powerful, productive person!” “I enjoy success attaining my goals!” “I persevere with my resolution and lose the weight that I desire!”

2 – Be Realistic:
If your goal is to lose 50#, start with the awareness that you do not lose 50# all at once. In essence, you lose 1#, 50 times. So, start with that first pound. Give yourself realistic sub-goals. For example, you might choose the goal of 1# per week. Look where you will be by the end of this year!

3 – Know Yourself:
Are you someone who does better exercising with others? Then, by all means, do NOT assign yourself exercise by yourself on treadmill at home. Yes, it might be cheaper (if you already have the treadmill — you know, the one with all the clothes hanging from it in the family room?). Go to the gym — be around others — have a social outlet and exercise. Better yet, get an exercise buddy and meet each other at a specified time!

4 – Incorporate What You Know about Yourself:
If you feel pressured by others bringing up your efforts at weight loss, don’t announce your intentions to lose weight to the office. Keep it to yourself … and let them notice — and comment — on the results.

5 – Reward Your Success:
Be generous and kind to you. Choose non-food rewards and recognize you for your courage and your perseverance. Others may have NO idea what you have been going through … but YOU know! You are the person in the position to look out for you … to be kind to you … to recognize you as a success!

6 – Persevere:
Losing weight is a huge, important step toward better health. Being successful losing weight takes courage, motivation, diligence and persistence. Make your affirming cry: I Can Do It!

I urge you to use these six weight-loss ideas over and over to create success with your resolve to lose weight.  And I encourage you to learn more about creating effective weight loss success with our Weight Loss Hypnosis-Workbook Program.  To learn more, click here!

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