How to Change Negative Thoughts

Here are some of the characteristics of your Subconscious Mind:

A) your subconscious mind functions by its very nature to create what it is told, and

B) your subconscious mind does not care what it creates — it just creates what you have commanded through your thoughts.

This being the case, do you want to waste energy on it creating in directions counterproductive to your goals? Of course you DON’T! So, you might be asking, “What can I do?” …


You can begin to be aware of the thoughts in your mind. Now, that might sound weird to you! You might be saying to yourself, “Hey, they’re my thoughts. I KNOW what I am thinking!” Do you?


If you are like most people, many of your thoughts pop into your mind, unbidden. Many of your thoughts are reflections of things that others have said to you about you. Many of your thoughts are based on past — possibly no-longer-relevant — habit! The problem with this is that those unbidden habits might be directing your subconscious mind in OTHER directions than you want in your life!

Here’s how to find out …


Begin to notice your thoughts. As you become more and more aware of what you are thinking, start to record the negative thoughts — especially those that you notice coming to mind with some frequency … and even-more ESPECIALLY those that deplete your self-esteem and self-worth or increase your feelings of inferiority and depression.

That’s right — you don’t have to judge them: Just begin to notice and write them down. Recording habitual negative thoughts becomes the basis to understand what YOU HAVE BEEN telling your subconscious mind to create. This is IMPORTANT!

It is important because it helps you to appreciate HOW INCREDIBLY WELL your subconscious mind has already been bringing things into being … just the way you said they were to be!


Once you can appreciate the amazing creative power of your subconscious mind in this way, it is a much easier task to start directing that creation … in ways that serve your goals. Then, you are in the enviable position of enjoying MORE of what you’ve always wanted your life to be! Only you can limit the incredible positive outcomes you can create when you give positive thoughts to your subconscious mind!

I invite you to use these steps over and over to practice directing your subconscious mind to attract success.  And now I encourage you to learn more about how to use Affirmations to create successful effects in your life.  I invite you to browse our website and explore all of the products and services that we offer!

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