Complex Decision Making Steps

Decision making is the study of identifying and choosing alternatives based on your values/preferences as the decision maker. Making a decision implies that there are alternative choices to be considered – including that which best fits your goals, desires, lifestyle and values.

Doing SOMETHING – and, then, moving yourself to perform that action – can propel you in the direction of a desired goal. When you are faced with a complex decision, it is important to be aware of using an approach which fits the complexity of the decision.

Examples of complex decisions include: How would I best organize my investments to finance a land purchase? Should you take a vacation – for how long and to where? To solve these complex decisions, use these 7 Steps to SUCCESS with Complex Decision:

Step #1: List each optional decision; include the Pros and Cons for each.

Step #2: Carefully examine the list: Analyze it – what does it suggest? – Is the decision obvious? If so, select the obvious.

Step #3: Which list – the Pros or the Cons – is stronger. Why?

Step #4: Proceed to act on the stronger list.

Step #5: How do you feel? Are you content with this selection?

Step #6: If so, proceed with the stronger. If not, reconsider which list is stronger.

Step #7: Proceed to act on the stronger list.

Decisions are not made in isolation from each other – you gather information, explore alternatives and make a resultant choice … in a context of other decisions. Every decision you make affects the decision stream – i.e., decisions are made in a context of other decisions.

There is a stream of decisions surrounding a given decision. Many decisions that were made earlier have led up to the current decision; they have made it possible – they have added limitations to it. In addition, many other decisions will follow from this decision creating far-reaching consequences.

I invite you to use these steps over and over to assist you when in the process of making complex decisions.

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