Simple Decision Making Steps

Decision-making is a powerful approach to eliminate procrastination and wheel-spinning. Making an informed decision to do SOMETHING – and, then, moving yourself to perform that action – can set into motion the successful accomplishment of a desired goal.

For the most effective outcome to your decisions, it is important to create an approach for simple decisions. When doing so, also be aware that the approach you use to make simple decisions can differ from your approach to complex decisions.

Examples of simple decisions include: Should I go to a movie or work overtime today? Would it be wiser for me to purchase a $10 item that will last 3 times longer, or to choose a $5.99-version? When you are faced by a simple decision, you can use these 6 steps to create a successful outcome:

Step #1: Use a brief time to decide what to do. By not taking too much time, you streamline the decision and don’t get bogged down with non-essentials.
Step #2: Briefly write out your options. Taking the time to briefly make notes helps you to focus on the decision.
Step #3: Ask yourself what you want to do. This puts you – and your emotions – into the decision-making process.
Step #4: If you do not care, what option(s) do you NOT want to choose? Eliminate this (these).
Step #5: If you do not care, is there someone who does care? Ask him/her.
Step #6: If #1 – #4 have not lead you to the decision to choose, select option #3.

I urge you to use these steps over and over to move yourself along in the process of decision making.

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Complex Decision Making Steps