Manifest Positive Thought

Here are the Steps to take to Get Benefit from those Negative Thoughts:

Now, let’s look at what you can do with the thoughts you have recorded. Let’s allow these negative habitual thoughts to benefit you! Let’s allow them to serve as guides for you into the paths for having MORE of what you want in your life.


1. Select the first of the negative habit thoughts that you have recorded.

2. Reword it into a positive idea.

3. Holding in mind that your subconscious mind has incredible power to create what you are thinking/saying to yourself, state that positive idea firmly, with conviction!

4. Continue to repeat this statement until it begins to “feel” more true about you.

This positive statement is called an affirmation. When you use affirmations to direct your subconscious mind to create these positive ideas ABOUT YOU … you allow positives outcomes to begin manifesting in your life.


Let’s say that you noticed that you had been telling yourself, “I will never succeed. Other people can do it — but I mess up whatever I try.”

Can you see what you had been directing yourself to create with this idea? Can you see its results in your life? OF COURSE, you can!

OK, let’s re-word the thought. Let’s take the idea contained in the thought and use it in a positive way. This might become, “I am persistent and diligent and succeed at that which I undertake. I don’t stop until I do! I am a success!!”


Now you repeat and repeat and repeat this idea … with the understanding that your subconscious mind — by its very nature — creates what you are thinking/saying. You continue to do so until you begin to feel a “fit” with these ideas.


Now it is your turn … Take another of the habitual negative thoughts that you have recorded. Now, re-word this thought into a positive idea. Then proceed to the repetition step with this second thought. Only you can limit the incredible positive outcomes you create when you give positive thoughts to your subconscious mind!

I invite you to continue following these steps over and over in this fashion until you’ve completed your list. As you do, continue to notice your feelings, your experience, and your successful affirmations.

And now I invite you to learn more about how to use Affirmations to create successful effects in your life.

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