Positive vs. Negative Messages

Now, let’s look at what this means … and why it matters so much to the success of your goals and affirmations


If you have told yourself (and your subconscious mind, which is just sitting there, listening in) something POSITIVE, you are directing it to create in that fashion. Thus programmed, your subconscious mind can create a VERY GOOD, self-confident, self-esteeming event. Thus directly, your subconscious mind — by its very nature and function — proceeds to create a positive outcome in your life! This event can, in turn, begin to help you build your sense of positive self-esteem.


On the other hand, if you have told yourself some NEGATIVE thought — something you don’t even WANT to experience … guess what? You are correct: Your subconscious mind, thus programmed, proceeds to activate the negative thought, too.

And WHY is this? It occurs specifically because your subconscious mind does what it was told! It doesn’t care about the outcome — it’s just following your commands, which you delivered via your thoughts. This is its nature — it’s the way it functions!

What a “pickle”, isn’t it? It sure is … because, in this latter example, not only are you focusing on what you DON’T want, it FEELS BAD. And YOU feel bad as a result!

So, what else could you do?


You could become VERY vigilant to your thoughts. You could start to pay very close and particular attention to what you are thinking — with the knowledge that, left unchanged, your subconscious mind will be creating those thoughts!


There is a specific reason that I want you to understand the creative POWER of your subconscious mind. That reason is to assist you to better understand why you absolutely DO NOT want to spend valuable time and mental energy in negative thinking … and why you DO want to spend valuable time and mental energy in positive thinking! There is no limit to the positive outcomes you can create when you give positive thoughts to your subconscious mind!

I invite you to use these principles over and over to direct your mind to attract your own personal success.  And now I urge you to learn more about how to use Affirmations to create successful effects in your life.  Just explore our website — as you do, you will find many more practical ideas for using Affirmations in your life!

How to Change Negative Thoughts